Top 10 things I learned while working in a Dish Network call center

10.  regional stereotypes as well as other types are in fact stereotypes for a reason.  Unfortunate but true.

Examples: People from New Jersey are sarcastic jerks, California people are spoiled morons who think everything should be done for them.  People from Florida are wealthy, retired, and have to have the very best available equipment and then cant figure out how to use it.   People from Kentucky, Mississippi, West Virginia, and Western Tennessee are sadly undereducated.  People from Texas, South West, and Mid West are generally polite but expect the stuff they pay for to work.

9.  While I’ve recognized that I’m not the smartest person in the world, I am certainly not the dumbest.  And if you’re reading this be thankful, because you aren’t either.

8. Always make sure you really are on mute before telling a customer how you really feel about them.

7. The mute button as well as the hold button should exist in real life

Being able to say what you really feel, without any negative repercussions and being able to silence a person with the click of a mouse…priceless

6.  When you call and I answer and the first thing out of your mouth is “Thank god you speak English,” Trust me, I feel the same way.

5. Unlike Henry Ford, Dish Network does not sell a product that its employees can afford.

Clarification: Henry Ford did not invent the automobile.  He did, however, transform it from a luxury few could afford, into something the everyman could afford.  His mindset was that he wanted everyone who built his product to be able to buy his product.

4.  The reason I don’t answer when you call is because I spend 8hrs a day listening to people complain, and I can ignore your call. Send a text.

I don’t try to be a jerk I just kind of am, and I loath talking on the phone now.

3. If I am getting off in 10 minutes I will troubleshoot your PC, so I don’t have to fix another remote control.

I am not allowed to troubleshoot non dish equipment.  But I have taken helped customers set up a Directv receiver, a Nintendo wii, a computer to a tv, hack the DVR hard drive with Linux, and some very random other issues.

2. If people would just learn to follow directions the world would be a so very, very much better place. Example: Adam and Eve.

Ok seriously, if you have to call in about how to get this message off your TV screen then you are well… hopeless.   I’ve had people call in about this message, have them read me the message out loud and then ask me what to do.  I read the message back to them verbatim and then they say “oh that’s all I had to do that’s been there all day and I wasn’t able to change channels either”  908

and the number one thing I learned while working in a dish network call center is…

1. If Dish Network gets a better price overseas you can kiss your job good-bye.

And you wonder why I will never by a foreign made/brand automobile, or any other product if I can help it.  I know how it feels to be laid of and then learn they are expanding overseas.  BUY AMERICAN!


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