30-06 Kazeshini (Poor Man’s Custom Rifle part 2)

Finished Camo Job

Yes I named my rifle.  Kazeshini, “Wind of Death” in Japanese.  Why shouldn’t I name my rifle?  This is the camo job that I did over the weekend.  You can also see my new Ariat boots, at least the left one.  The colors of the camo don’t show up that well with the iphone picture, but I did a base coat of tan, followed by OD green, and finally brown.  My methods were pretty simple.  I did the base coat wrapped the stock in construction line (the kind used when using a line level) it’s about $5 for 400yards.  I also used some thicker rope and finished with burlap loosely wrapped around the stock.  Here is the process:

For preparation I sanded the molding ridges off with 400grit sand paper, and lightly buffed the entire stock.  I cleaned with mineral spirits and taped off the parts that I wanted to keep paint of of like my recoil pad, grip cap, and sling studs.  I made an impromptu stand and had at it.

Rust-Oleum Specialty Camouflage Spray Pack, 12-Ounce, 6-Pack

Modifications Made so Far:

  1. Changed out Bushnell scope to a Nikon 3-9 40mm scope with standard duplex.
  2. Installed a Rifle Basix trigger
  3. Added a sling

Modifications Still to be made

  1. Reinforce the stock to add stiffness, and theoretically improve accuracy.
  2. Install a bipod,  I haven’t researched which bipod I want.
  3. Get a palm swell and removable comb (the kind the you can take on and off).  I wanted to permanently attach a comb but my long action bolt wouldn’t clear.  And I need more than 1/4 which is what I have.

Distant Future Modifications

  1. A super nice scope.  Like in the $1000 plus price range.
  2. A Manners or McMillan stock.  About $400
  3. Eventually a Krieger barrel I think the run about $400

As you can see I’m spending A LOT of money in my mind.  Although, this is the last big game long distance rifle I will ever buy.  I don’t see the need to have more than one full power rifle.  Now I do think I’ll get a AR style .223 long range varmint rifle one day, but for now I’m good.


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