My Weekend DIY Targets

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These targets were actually made months apart.  The first is a metal triangle. I got it from a friend, he said it was an old sign frame.  I like it because it’s a multitask target.  I can have reactive targets; I used tin bottles, a golf ball, and a base ball.  I attached a piece of OSB to one side so I can flip it over and then have a stand for my paper targets.  It’s not the lightest thing in the world, but it does what I want it to do.  I might add some quality steel targets one day but this is free.  The next I made just this weekend.  While cleaning out my storeroom and throwing away IMG_20130525_161019_776things the previous owner left behind, I found a small table top Christmas tree made completely out of steel.  The base of this is a six-inch diameter one inch thick steel disk.  I cut it off, took it up to work where the drill press is, drilled two holes, and ran some rope through it.  I found that I needed to run the rope all the way through and secure it to the top at two points.  I build the frame out of old pallets.  I think I built it about 30-inches tall.  I hit the “gong” pretty hard with a hammer and it didn’t flip over or slid back.  I’m not sure how well it will hold up to my 30-06, but I’ll be shooting it at 200+yards.  I can always buy a steel target later.   My gun currently averages 1MOA or less.  I hope bring this down with reloading and upgrading some more parts.  I can set it up as a 2moa target at 300-yards.  Or as a 1 MOA target at 600 and really test my skill level.



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