Repairing Dinning Table Chairs

Our dinning room set was handed down from my wife’s aunt, before that it belongs to her grandparents, and before that who knows.  Our best guess is that it was made in the 1940s or 50s.   Made of solid oak, and a simple craftsman style, this fits our own personal style.  However, after 60 years of constant use and at least 2 years in unconditioned storage the chairs were wobbly.

Loose Joint

Loose Joint

My wife’s husband is not a light guy so it wasn’t a good idea to sit in these unstable chairs.  Their family heirlooms so we’re not going to get rid of them.  So I set about to repair them.  Now I didn’t want to do it “Bubba” style by just sticking some drywall screws in various places.  I wanted to do it right so I proceeded to take them apart and rejoining the loose joints.  I had to use a single screw on two of the chairs, but as able to use a pocket hole that can be plugged with a oak plug and is practically invisible when stained.

I’m now adding “Chair Repair” to my list of woodworking services.  I was not able to completely remove slight movement from a few of the chairs that I’ve repaired, to do so would have taken several more hours making new joints and adding many more screws.  These chairs are now structurally sound, and I no longer yell “no” when a rather large friend goes to sit in the wrong chair.

Prices are as follows

  • One Chair $35
  • Two Chairs $65 (32.50/ea)
  • Three or more $30.00/ea

Note:  This repair does not cover refinishing chairs.  I take great care not to damage anything I work on, however with this process there may be small marks around joints from sanding or scraping.

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