Rustic Picture Frame Using Salvaged Materials


For Valentine’s day 2014 I decided to make my wife a gift.  (She’s mad because it is done and wrapped and she has no idea exactly what I made her (ps this is posting AFTER she sees it)).  I recently was inspired to start making projects to sell.  I figure I’ve got to pay for all of my cool tools somehow.  Also being poor is no fun! Our small town has a craft show once a year and one of my goals for 2014 is to make enough projects/crafts to have a booth by September.

This picture frame is one of the items I intend to sell.  I’m going to use my band saw to cut out a variety of silhouettes and I have A LOT of salvaged tin and pallets for wood are easy enough to come by.  They take about an hour to make, not including drying time for stains, paints, and glues.  Other than the tools used the cost is minimal with the salvaged materials. The most time consuming part is cutting the silhouettes out. Frames and tin can be cranked out pretty quick so I plan to do at least 10 frames and 10 tin backer per tool set up.

Here is a video from my Youtube channel that talks about this build.


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