A New Band Saw Work Station

A Better Bandsaw Workstation

For my Birthday last year I got a Craftsman 10″ Bandsaw (Which is a Rikon Clone). I’m honestly a little disappointed with it. Of course my only other experience with a bandsaw is a high end 14″ that will easily resaw walnut. Also, as I learn more about bandsaws I realize that I may have been asking too much from the low quality 3/8″ blade that came with my saw. But for the price I suppose it’s pretty good. It has a larger cutting capacity and more powerful motor that a 9″ and is only about $20 more.

Old Bandsaw Station

Old Bandsaw Station

This is what I would call a “bench top” bandsaw. It does not come with a base of any kind, so you need to make your own. As I’ve done many times when I need a work station, I just ran down to the electric company and picked up a used cable spool. These make really good tool stands (but be sure to get one that isn’t busted). This setup worked well, but there were a few issues: First I didn’t have a place to put my miter gauge and rip fence when not in use. Second, I like to keep any tools I need for adjustments and maintaince at the tool. In this case it’s an Allen wrench and a 10mm wrench. Third, as I build jigs and templates for different jobs I do not have a place to keep them handy.  And most importantly, Starbuck likes to chew on things

In comes a bedside table

Old Bandsaw Station

New Bandsaw Station

We had a lot of stray furniture in our house when we moved in.  Some of it was donated to the church, Some of it we trashed, and some of it we used (such as the mirror from last week’s post).  One of these items was a rather large two-drawer bedside table.  It was in the spare room until I got a bedroom suite that’s a family heirloom.  Once that happened and once my wife decided that it was OK for me to have it I turned it into my bandsaw work station.

The first order of business was to put it on casters.  This raised the table up so that it was the right height and, of course, makes it mobile.  A plus, other than being mobile is that this end-table gives me two large drawers to keep all of my bandsaw supplies.  Another benefit is that the Saw is much easier to turn when I need to saw something long.  The new table is smaller and can sit flat against the wall when not in use.

I was a little worried at first about the station moving when in use but I haven’t had an issue.  I think this is because I never clean my shop floor, and two the casters aren’t that good.  If it becomes an issue I’ve seen some wedges on Pinterest that seem useful.

I hope you find this useful for setting up your shop.  In my small shop I’m learning the more wheels I put on things the better.  Also, having a workstation no bigger than need, with no wasted space helps me stay organized.  Below you will find two videos the first is from my Youtube Channel that shows how I put this together.  The second is a bandsaw clinic that I learned a lot from (I had my saw set up completely wrong).  I did notice my saw cut better following these tips.


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