I KNOW I’m not the only woodworker with a junk problem

My junk pile AFTER spending an hour throwing stuff away

My junk pile AFTER spending an hour throwing stuff away

Please tell me that it’s not just me.  I just woke up a few days and realized that I have A LOT of useless crap in my backyard.  Like many people I build with reclaimed materials (You can look at things I have for sale here), therefore I’m always on the lookout for free lumber, tin, doors, sinks, pallets, etc. etc.

It just builds up.  Now I have a great deal of materials that I can turn into either profit, things for the house, or things for the shop.  In the the picture above there is a pedestal sink that I salvaged from a remodel, a sheet of pegboard (I hate pegboard), good heartwood pine 2x4s, a half table top that would make a nice entry table.  And this is only one pile.  But there was also a lot of wood that I’ll never use: to many nails, rotted, twisted, bowed, to small.

How Often Do You Cull Your Scrap Pile?

I’m not pruning mine enough.  You should see my store room [but I’d have to take a picture first], before remodeling my bath room I had everything in its place I could use my work table, my reloading bench, access my ammo, I was even working on a practice rifle-stock that I was making from a 2×6.  I cant find the stock, I can’t see my work bench, and I can’t get to my ammo!  My shop is coming along I build a nice little router stand, a new bandsaw station, new shelving, and am working on a french cleat system.  But there’s still crap everywhere.  So how do you keep your scrap piles manageable?


4 thoughts on “I KNOW I’m not the only woodworker with a junk problem

  1. Man, I know EXACTLY where you’re coming from! Coincidentally I’ve been posting about this the last few days. Over winter I took on way more scrap than I could manage and the backyard pretty much became a death trap. I’m just tackling one part of it now, chopping for the wood store, separating for use and condemning to the bonfire pile (which is already ridiculously huge). Sometimes it feels so overwhelming but I’ve just got to keep at it.


  2. It’s so hard it’s almost painful, but I’ve decided that I’m not going to pick up anymore pallets or scrap wood until I get my pile manageable. I’ve got my trailer that I’m putting stuff in to take to the dump. It is difficult to part with some things that could be useful in the right situation, but sometimes it is the cost of productivity.

    Maybe it’s only getting scrap with a specific project in mind? Or something that is 100% usable without tons of work?

    I checked out your blog, It’s very well done.


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