Just an Update on my Projects

I’ve got my trailer at my house and I’m in the process of piling up junk.  I don’t really have a place to keep my trailer at my house, so my work (youth minister) let’s me keep it there behind on of our buildings.  I did shoot a how-to video of me repairing/remaking a 100ft extension with shot ends into two 50ft cords.  It’s easy and cheap and let me just say that two 50ft cords beats a 100ft cord any day.  It’s so much easier to use.  The video is there but I haven’t had time to edit it.

We’ve been working on our 1930’s “Oil-Field” house for the last 18 months we’re almost done with the inside (for

Replacing the line from the kitchen to the main drain line

Replacing the line from the kitchen to the main drain line

now) and then our kitchen sink stops working.  Now this wasn’t a “pour some drano in it” problem.  I used the snake I have and it a solid wall in the pipe that I couldn’t get through.  So as much as I hate it, I had to call the pros.  The picture to the right is us replacing the pipe that goes from the kitchen to the main line.

You see, when this house was build in the 1930’s Oil Boom it was build well but with a lot of oil-field materials. and the glavanized pipe they used just kept building up gunk and corrosion until is was completely blocked.  I knew it was draining slow but it suddenly just stopped.  On a Friday Night, and I’m not paying weekend rates for a plumber.

So instead of dealing with my junk pile, finishing an up-cycling project to sell.  I got to remove asbestos shingles from my house (as safely as possible, of course) and open up the wall so the pipe could be replaced.  Then I had to close it back in when the plumbers were done.  I did my best to not break any shingles while taking it down, but once the 4th shingle broke I through caution to the wind and just tore it off.

My wife HATES the color of our house.  But our budget has been spent on mostly the inside.  I will do a before and after post one day, I’m really proud of how it all turned out.  Therefore we don’t have the money to paint this outside for a while, especially since we spent a lot of money on plumbing.  After frustrating visits to all the lumber stores I ordered replacement shingles that should be here next week.  I also took a piece of shingle into the store and had the paint matched.  My wife really wasn’t happy about that, she really wants to paint, but I’m not going to have a yellow spot on the side of my house for a year, especially after doing a lot of work to get the yard looking nice.  So I won that debate and we came home with a quart of hideous green paint matched to our siding.

I’m really excited about an oak entry bench that I’ve been working on and I’m almost done and will do a post.  But flying in the face of my last post I happened to drive by a house getting cleaned out and there was a dresser with most of the drawers.  My wife and I are going to fix it up and sell it.  That means my goal of not getting more junk until I paired down my current pile has failed.  With my trailer at the house with carpet and other debris in it I’ll make sure I fill it up before I haul it to the dump.

I hope to post some project pictures soon,

Peace be with you


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