Repairing and Refinishing the Oak Entry Bench

Slide2I love how this project turned out.  Apparently so did others because it sold very quickly, and several people contacted me about it.  When I got it the mirror was long gone, and the seat was broken.  The original finish was in good shape  I probably could have just found a mirror and fixed the seat and been done with it in a day.  But to me, it was worth all the work of stripping, sanding, and refinishing.  IMG_20140311_123812_438

For this project I used. Cirtri-strip (it’s junk, seriously don’t buy it).  Minwax Hickory Gel-Stain, and Minwax Wipe-on Polyurethane.  I also used a “titainium” leafing to turn the gold hardware to a deep brushed silver.

I’ve put together a video that I posted on my Youtube Channel.  Enjoy.





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