Half Round Table Build

How this project started

How this project started


Over a year ago I was walking Starbuck one afternoon and I saw this table sitting in an alley next to a dumpster.  Two of the legs were missing but I saw potential.  We went home to get my truck.  I quickly used the other half to make a corner shelf for my wife’s craft room.  The half in the picture sat in this very spot for over a year.  The legs were put on the lumber rack in the store room, then nothing.

I didn’t have a plan for it, I just knew that it could be turned into something.  Then we pulled out carpet.  Then I was focused on my rifle reloading and setting up that part of my shop.  Then we redid the bathroom.  Then I built my wife’s Christmas present.  Then we painted.  Finally around the end of February I got to start working on my small business.

Over the course of a single Saturday afternoon I was able to transform this trash into a nice little gem.

 Phase One: Cleaning it up

Phase Two: Building the new base.

Phase Three: Filling, Sanding, and Priming

 Phase Four: Painting and Finishing

I first spray painted this black, then dry-brushed turquoise paint.  When it was dry I lightly sanded with 320 and sealed with clear coat

It came out great, and was a very fun little project.  I’m asking $125.00 for it locally.  Thanks for reading.

Peace be with you,



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