New Video: Building a Simpler Drillpress Table

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My drillpress is not much to look at.  I got it from a friend how was getting ready to move so for the price is was well worth it.  It’s an 8″ Pro-source brand (I have no idea who made it, etc).  Like every drillpress I’ve ever used the metal table is practically useless.  So I went to YouTube for inspiration on how to build a drillpress table.

WOW!  There are lot of videos!  They range from simple to complex; many with T-tracks, dados, sliding fences, and hold downs.  In my opinion the complex tables are slow to use and overly complicated, so I went the simple route.

For the base I used a salvaged MDF table leaf.  I used a 3/4 straight bit and a router to inlet the base to 3/8 in for the metal table.  By doing this way I only lost 3/8 inch maximum depth instead of 3/4 inch.  The fence is a simple “L” made with 3/4inch ply, and 1/2x3inch ply joined with 1inch screws.  The secondary fence or stop is just an “L” made from 3/4inch ply joined with pocket hole screws.  The way I attach this fence to the table is extremely simple: I drilled a 1/4inch hole in both the fence and the table and used a bolt to hold the fence in place.  This creates a pivot point.  I simply pivot the table in to place and lock it down with a hand-clamp.  The same is true for the secondary fence.

This fence system is quick, easy, repeatable, and precise.  Not only that, I can remove it in about 5 seconds and attach my base for my drum-sander attachments.  I had to make a couple of relieve cuts for the chuck and the handle but it should effect the accuracy of the fence.

This is made completely with scrap material and only took about an hour to make (including setting up the camera), and really makes using the drillpress a more enjoyable experience.  Watch this video, and subscribe.  I’m planning on making a Rockwell Blade Runner in a few weeks. 


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