A Miter Sled

I know, I know…  The internet is full of posts and videos on how to build this jig.  It took a little over an hour to make, and now I can get around to the picture frames I promised my wife about six months ago.

I didn’t shoot a video; there are enough already. This isn’t a “how-to”; there’s enough of that on Pinterest.  I don’t think my videos are that great.  Also, slowing down the entire build process to shoot video just isn’t enjoyable. I enjoy watching well done videos, so I’ve decided not to cloud up YouTube with lesser quality videos.  I do enjoy writing, therefore I am going to write what I hope is quality content.

Rockwell BladeRunner Combo Kit – Circle Cutter & Picture Frame Cutter

For the miter sled I destroyed my ‘bladerunner‘.  Let’s face it; it was crap.  Thank goodness I didn’t use glue!  I had one piece of oak that I was able to create the sled runners out of.  I’m lucky, 3/4 lumber fits my miter slots perfectly.


I used my fence and a hot glue to align the runners to the base.  I got the idea from Steve Ramsey of Wood Working for Mere Mortals.  I then went back and installed screws.   I also watched a video from Jay Bates (Jay’s Custom Creations).

[As an aside: A hot glue gun has proved itself to be a very handy tool for making jigs and other things.  It holds almost immediately, but can be broken easy enough.  It’s great if you just need something to stay still long enough to put screws in.  By the way, my wife doesn’t know her glue gun is missing, I’m going to be so dead in the future.}


Paste wax makes everything slide.


I used some poplar (or something) from an old headboard that I found.  I had to use my “jointing” jig to take out a bow.  I then used my big yellow speed square to line everything up.  As you see I almost cut the jig in half, so I installed some stops with some scrap wood.


I’m happy with it.  Miters have always been one of those things that should be easy, it looks easy, but is so very hard to get right.  The miter sled takes out the difficultly.

Here is a test cut.  It’s hard to see in the picture but it came out perfect and only took about 5 minutes to make.  That’s a lot less time than any other frame I’ve every done.


A miter sled is a pretty simple project that will enable you to make frames quickly and easily.  There are plenty of great articles and videos on the internet.  I’ve linked to two of them that I used for inspiration.  I’m sure I’ve seen many more videos, borrowing from each one to create my own.

Isn’t that the great thing about woodworking?  One hundred people will take the same idea and execute it a hundred different ways.

A question for guys with a lot of jigs:  How do you store all of your jigs?  I’ve got a shelf, but I don’t see that working much longer.


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