My Rant Against Big Box Lumber

There I was in the “premium” lumber aisle buried in a self-made pile of pine looking for just two decent boards for a project, losing all hope for woodworking and the future of mankind.

It was Lowe’s in Odessa, Texas. Yep, not even going to leave names out of this.  Home Depot, you’re just as bad if not worse.

I’m wanting to build some boxes for a few Christmas presents and to sell online.  I like the rustic style, so boards with a few knots and imperfections aren’t a deal breaker. But this was ridiculous! I went through the entire stack (lost count at 26). I had a cull pile and a maybe pile it took me 15 minutes to find two acceptable 1x12s (6ft).

This is in their “nice” lumber section with oak, poplar, cedar, and “select” pine.  I expect better.  Not boards with holes, splits, barked edges, busted corners. It’s marketed as S4S it should be, but it was far from it. A great deal of the damage was from obvious mishandling during shipping.  The whole load should have never made it to the rack. Another thing is that many of these 1x12s weren’t 1x12s at all. They were many 1×3 strips joined together.  That’s far from being “Top Choice”

I went to Lowe’s because it is right across the street from where my Doctor appt. was, and I didn’t want to drive across town to McCoy’s.  Lesson learned, every time I go to Lowe’s/Home Depot I leave frustrated and disappointed.

That’s my rant, thanks for reading.

Share your frustration stories in the comments.


2 thoughts on “My Rant Against Big Box Lumber

  1. It’s honestly my area. We’re in the middle of an oil boom. Everyone with sense/ambition/intelligence finds a job where a high school grad with a driver’s license and a passing drug test can start at $20-30/hr. And more power to them!

    What’s left to work at the stores/food service etc. are the… ‘less ambitious’ to be kind. There are of course exceptions. This manifests in employees who do not care about their job, service, or not damaging merchandise; it’s just a pay check. If they were to get fired they could literally go next door and be hired on the spot. Crazy times in West Texas.


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