Pine Ammo Box

I made two of these boxes. One for a friend’s birthday, the other is to sell on Etsy.  The box measures 20″Lx13.5Wx6″D. It’s the perfect size for your ammo, cleaning supplies, shooting gear, or tools (if you prefer).  My goal for this project was to combine beauty with function.

Each box is finished with stain and a satin wipe on polyurethane for a durable/protective coating that will last for years.  As an added feature, I cut a stencil to apply a name or short message.

These boxes take about 3-4 hours to make, and cost around thirty dollars in material (not counting finishing).  I made a video for my YouTube channel on how to make this yourself, if you so desire.

Here’s the video.  Help me out by ‘liking’ this video and ‘subscribing’ to my channel.

Minwax Wipe-On Poly Finish Clear Satin

Minwax Wood Finish Interior Wood Stain, Early American



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