Mounting Your Phone to a Tripod

It’s probably obvious to a professional or serious hobbyist photographer, but I shoot all of my photos and videos with my smart phone.  Occasionally I’ll use my tablet; my Surface 2 takes very good pictures but it’s unwieldy.  I haven’t had a reason to spend $500 on a good dedicated camera.  I figure a good smart phone produces about the same results as a $150-200 camera, so I’d rather keep upgrading my phone every two years and keep getting better tech.  So if and when I do buy a dedicated camera I want to invest in something that will give good results.

Most phones have a pretty good camera (mine is 8mp) and decent video.  I’m up for an upgrade soon and a Samsung Galaxy S5 with its 16mp/1080p camera is bound to improve the quality of my pictures for this blog, my Etsy Store, and my Youtube Videos.

I recently picked up an unused tripod, and decided to make a base so that I could attach my phone.  It worked great.  I’ve already shot a project video with this system and it was much better than my old system of a barstool, piece of plywood and some spring clamps.

Here is the Video:

God Bless,



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