Rustic Hall Mirror and Coat Rack

You can purchase this item on my Etsy Store for $135 +s&h

I came across an old 24x24inch mirror and I had some old cedar 2x material so I decided I would try to make a framed mirror and coat rack.  The cedar came from my old workbench that I tore out of my shop because of it’s lack of function.  I didn’t realize it was cedar until I cut into it.

Hall Mirror and Coat RackTo make the frame I ripped a 2×6 piece of cedar roughly in half.  I then cut those pieces to oversized for the frame.  The next step was to cut a channel into the material to accept the mirror.  The mirror is about 1/4 inch thick.  To cut the channel I set my blade height to approximately 1/2 inch and marked the cut on my stock.  I was able to center the channel by intentionally setting my fence to cut slightly off-center then flipping the stock.  After that I cut the waste from the center buy moving my fence in a little bit.

The next step involved using my miter sled to cut the angles for the frame.  (If you don’t have a miter sled I highly recommend you make one for your table saw).  For the shelf I had some 2×6 material that I cut to what, I think, is a good proportion.  I attached everything with glue and pocket hole screws.

I didn’t have any hooks on hand so I ran to the hardware store and was able to find some antiqued brass hooks that work well with the patina.

coat rack 5

To mount it to the wall I used a “french cleat” for it’s strength, stability and relative ease in mounting.  It’s now for sale on Etsy.

I shot a video of the build that I’ve uploaded to Youtube.

God bless,


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