The Expedition Now Fits in the Carport

My Wife and I have been saving for and looking for a new primary vehicle for a while.  Her 2003 Ford Explorer has 174,000 miles on it, and my 2000 F-150 has 162,000.

I take care of my stuff, so both of these vehicles are still in good mechanical condition, however, my old truck is beat to hell from years of using it for a truck.

Our original plan was to replace my truck with a Ford F150 Super Crew toward the end of this year.  Used of course, as paying $50,000 on a new one is flat out insane.  I looked at a few here and there.  I found a nice truck that actually belonged to my church secretary a year earlier.  It was older but in immaculate condition.  Sadly, Mr. “I can’t manage my finances” was upside down in his auto-loan and wanted some poor sap without access to Kelly Blue Book to bail him out of his bad decisions.  (I’m still mad about this).

2008 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer

We finally landed on a 2008 Expedition Eddie Bauer for $16,000.  It’s in great condition minus the DVD player not working (I really don’t care as I get car sick, and prefer driving).  There was just one small problem, our carport.

Carport 1The header of our carport is barely high enough for our Explorer.   It’s slightly over 6ft.  It seems to have been done this way for the sake of appearance, but has proved very annoying.  Thankfully there was nothing structural about this after a couple of hours I was able to have it opened up.

I am very thankfully for my Craftsman C3 Cordless Circular saw.  It is small enough and light enough to use at the odd angles I wasCarport 2 cutting.  I really love the C3 line, if you’re in the market I highly recommend considering it..   However, do spend the extra on the Lithium-ion Batteries.

Carport 3

Next weekend (probably maybe) I’ll trim it out and make it look right.  I do plan on painting the horrible exterior one day, but I’d rather gut and redo our kitchen.  We did the bathroom last year, pulled all the carpet, and painted everything.  Kitchens are just expensive even when doing all the work yourself.


One thought on “The Expedition Now Fits in the Carport

  1. Just an update after a month of owning an Expedition:
    So far we’ve put about 3,000 miles on it. I am loving the 5.4L V8. So much power! It’s huge and that is a good thing. The turning radius is shockingly tight based on it’s size. So parking is rarely an issue. It’s more comfortable on long trips than the Explorer (not that it was bad). Basically I just wanted to say that I don’t plan on ever being without an Expedition again. They are great.

    We will drive this one into the ground and then hopefully replace it with a King Ranch edition and maybe an EL. Expeditions are great.


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