Some of My Custom Work

Here are some pictures of custom orders I’ve done over the last few months.  I find custom orders difficult.  Mainly because pricing fairly is hard if I haven’t made a particular item before.  I’ve found that I typically under price my custom work.

Picture FramesI made these frames out of “Select Pine” from the Box Store.  I slightly rounded over all the edges of each board to add detail to the joints.  I stained these using Minwax – Early American stain, and finished with Minwax Wipe-On Poly – Clear Satin.  I really like this combination for Pine and the Wipe-on Poly is one of my favorite finishes; both in results and ease of use.  I pressed the easy button and used my Kreg Pocket Hole Jig for assembly.

Double FrameThis double picture frame is for my wife.  The lower picture is of her grandfather and the upper picture was drawn by a family member.  The wood is cedar from the old workbench that was originally in my shop.  This frame is now hanging next to a painting that one of my wife’s cousins did of the lower picture in the nursery.

2 Texas Cut Outs

These Texas cutouts were cut from a 12″ square.  I was contacted via Facebook by a complete stranger to make them.  I didn’t finish them in any way because the customer wanted to decorate them herself.  I had some extra 1/2″ Ply and just sanded it really good.  I used a paper template and cut these with my band saw, but I’m learning of the power and efficiency of router templates.

The tree stump in my yard makes for an excellent “photo booth” for my smaller projects.  One day I’ll quit using my phone and buy a real camera, but don’t hold your breath.




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