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My ‘New’ Truck

Shortly before Thanksgiving 2014 I sold the truck I had since High School.  It wasn’t much but was reliable and since it was a truck I could do all the truck like things you do in a truck:  Pull stuff, haul stuff, drive in mud, put deer in the back, move stuff for people without trucks etc.  I even wrote a post about my old truck.

When I sold this truck I was left with a 2003 Explorer  and our ‘new’ 2008 Expedition (We’re Ford people in case you couldn’t tell).  No truck meant no plywood or large loads of lumber with out pulling my trailer 40 miles to the nearest lumber yard.  Then I sold my trailer.  I debated buying a nicer trailer, but at the end of the day I would rather have a truck.

Our new baby meant that this new truck would need a back seat for a car seat.  This need is the main reason for selling my old truck.  I found an amazing deal on a F-250 Crew Cab that would have been an amazing “Do anything I ever would need to do” truck but the seller sold it out from under me before I could pick it up.  I’m still jaded about this.

While on visiting family over Christmas Vacation my wife and I spent some of our down time on Craigslist looking for trucks.  B found this truck in Hondo which is to the Southwest of San Antonio, and about an hour from where we were at.  We both figured it was worth a phone call.

2003 F150 12-31-2014

After speaking with the previous owner and asking loads of questions we set up a time to meet the next day.  I went to the bank (Luckily there was a local branch) and emptied my savings account.  If it was worth buying I wasn’t going to waste anyone’s time.

It looked pretty good over all and the owner had a print out from his oil change place.  So at least I had proof that the oil had been changed regularly.  And honestly as long as the oil is changed regularly and correctly most vehicles will last for a very long time.

It’s a 2003 Ford F-150 Super Crew with the 4.6 V8 and 135,000 miles.  I see no reason why I won’t put at least 200,000 on this truck.  I’m still mad about not getting my F250 though.  Maybe that will be my next truck.I

I also added a tool box.

2015-01-20 11.18.07 2015-01-20 11.18.23

Switching From to Bluehost

The title says it all.  I’ve reached the point to where I’m ready to move outside the constrains of a site and go to a “self hosted” platform.  My hope is that during this migration I won’t see any down time.  I still plan to use the WordPress platform.

If you are already a subscriber to this blog you should still receive updates if you use the Reader.  If you are an email subscriber I think you won’t see any changes on your end.  I’ll post an update when I’m done.

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From Concept to Reality: Starting my Modular Shop

modular 8My Pinterest boards are filled with ideas, projects, and cool things that I want to make someday.  The same is true of my to-do lists.  I feared my idea for a modular shop cabinet would be added to the ever growing list of projects I haven’t gotten to yet.

Well I’m happy to report that I was able to build two cabinets over the weekend. I modified my Sketch-up design a little bit, but anytime you take a design to execution you make changes.

Mod Cabinet 2I made a simple jig the route all the dados for the self guides.  I spaced the dados five inches apart (from top edge to bottom edge). I assembled everything with my Kreg Jig (If you don’t own one buy one).  I decided not to use glue for these since they were my ‘prototypes’ and I can disassemble and remodel them if I ever need to.

Mod Cabinet 5

Since 1/2″ plywood is slightly narrower than 1/2″, a 1/2″ straight bit worked great to make a snug drawer slide.  I made one 2 3/4″ deep drawer for the very top.  This is a catch all for commonly used and misplaced tools.

The plan now is to build drawer specifically designed for tools and tasks.  I remodeled my pocket hole tool box to fit in the cabinet.  Next will be a box specifically for my random orbital sander and accessories.  I have the freedom to layout the boxes as I need with dividers and such and since everything will fit the same size cabinet I can rearrange until it’s perfect.

I plan on building a rolling cabinet specifically for all of my automotive tools. I have a nice Craftsman Socket set with it’s own case that I sized the cabinet around and can put all of my specialty tools with it and make working on the cars less miserable.

So far I’m happy with the execution of this idea and am confident of it’s long term viability.

Mod Cabinet 6

What do you think and what solutions do you have to share for shop organization?