My Parents came to visit a couple of weeks ago.  My mom is always bringing me projects to complete.  This time she brought me a doormat (among other things).

Mom's Frame 1

I recognized this doormat.  It was a gift from my oldest sister. From last Christmas!  It was in pristine condition.  No foot had ever trod upon its surface.  Why not?  Well, it is because my sweet mother is a very sentimental person.  Instead of using this personalized yet practical gift, she wants to preserve and admire this thoughtful gift for all time.

I, therefore, was tasked with framing a doormat.  Yes, you read that correctly.  This just so happened to be the first real project completed with my new miter saw.

Mom's Frame 2

I was lucky to have some rabbited moulding on hand.  I sized the frame accordingly (I used my Kreg Pocket Hole Jig to assemble the frame).  To keep the mat from flopping I hot-glued the mat to a piece of hardboard.  Then I attached the hardboard to the frame, added wire for hanging and done.  Mom's Frame 3

The things we do for our mothers…

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Strange Projects You do for Your Mom

One thought on “Strange Projects You do for Your Mom

  1. This beautiful piece is now hanging over my Fireplace! It is perfect there. So a big “Thank You” goes to Ashley for such a beautiful gift and Robert Mitchell for framing it for me!


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